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Sermon for trinity 9

Sermon For Trinity 9 Lerwick and Yell 2019 Proper 15 I must confess one of the first things that jumped out at me from today’s readings was the question raised by the prophet Jeremiah: what has straw in common with

Sermon for Trinity 4 yr C by Neil Brice

Sermon For 4th After Trinity Yr C Lerwick We know all too well many of the stories of the wanderings in the wilderness. From the dramatic exit from Egypt through the Red Sea where the pursuing armies of the Egyptians

Sermon for 7th July by Alma Lewis

Sermon   7 July 2019  Luke 10; 1-11, 16-20  Imagine being told, not asked, but told that you are to go on a journey without money or a bag, and no accommodation booked in advance. You are not to greet anyone

For Trinity Sunday by Neil

Sermon For Trinity 2019   There is often a ripple of a smile or even laughter when those who are preaching are asked to preach on Trinity Sunday. It seems to me quite natural why this might be the case,

2nd June by Joy Whitelaw

When reading Acts I remembered that tomorrow is the day in the Church year to remember the martyrs of Uganda in 1885 – 1887, and 1977, I felt I wanted  to try to find out how Christian martyrs endured their

For Pentecost. by Neil Brice

Sermon For Pentecost  2019   The Day of Pentecost and they were all together in one place… then suddenly! It all seems so straightforward and so amazingly sudden. There seems to be none of the doubting and questioning as we

Sermon for Easter 5

Sermon For Easter 5 Lerwick and yell 2019 I have just got back from my parents home (as many of you will know) It is the place where I grew up, and I guess really … yes it is still

Sermon for Easter 4

12th May at St Magnus’ Lerwick I might say that over the past weeks my life has been dominated by death. There have been the usual funerals where sometimes the topic is raised, though strangely when I think on it,

Easter 3 5th May

Awakening; a new way of seeing by Helen Randall Learning the names of the children in my class, when I was a primary school teacher, was an important way of helping the children settle in at the start of the

Fourth Before Lent. 10th February

I had thought last week that I was drawing a line under the Epiphany as we gathered for the Presentation of Christ in the Temple. The thought that we had seen the manifestation of God (Epiphany) and then witnessed the