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12th May at St Magnus’ Lerwick I might say that over the past weeks my life has been dominated by death. There have been the usual funerals where sometimes the topic is raised, though strangely when I think on it,

Awakening; a new way of seeing by Helen Randall Learning the names of the children in my class, when I was a primary school teacher, was an important way of helping the children settle in at the start of the

I had thought last week that I was drawing a line under the Epiphany as we gathered for the Presentation of Christ in the Temple. The thought that we had seen the manifestation of God (Epiphany) and then witnessed the

Well we have seen this coming… here we are in the Temple presenting Jesus again. Simeon and Anna who have been waiting for the fulfilment of God all their lives are here too and they recognise this fulfilment in Jesus.

sermon: Sermon For Fourth Sunday of Epiphany 2019 Lerwick I must say that I have been both fascinated and challenged by the exploration of Epiphany this year. Today this time is drawing to a conclusion, with the finale next week

Water into wine? Following on from last week (how could I resist?) but without the flipchart! We encounter the infamous story today of Jesus turning a considerably large quantity of water into the best wine that people at a wedding

Sermon for 2nd Sunday before Advent (B)   These weeks before Advent, known to us now as “the kingdom season” it is the time we direct our thoughts to what we mean as the victory of Christ. What exactly is

Today’s gospel is very familiar territory. Lots of well worn phrases including that enigmatic image of the camel and the eye of a needle and again all things are possible for God. The first will be last and the last

Sermon For Trinity 15 Yr B 2018 Lerwick All of us love to be noticed, to be recognised, to be understood, and to be loved. We actually need this. True enough there are times when we want to be able

Sermon For Trinity 13 Yr B Lerwick 2018 One particularly interesting thing today is that the gospel today repeated some of last weeks gospel. This is unusual. it may therefore help us focus on the topic of importance. We heard