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Sermon for Second Sunday of Advent

Advent this year has brought in me a real mix of feelings and thoughts.   I really appreciated what Alma said last week about the preparation and the question to us about how we prepare for most things but how

Alma’s sermon from Advent Sunday

Have you been on any journeys lately? Maybe on holiday, or a short visit to a friend, or even a trip to the shops? Did you prepare for your journey, or was it a spur of the moment decision? How

Sermon for Bible Sunday

Today we call Bible Sunday, a day in the year when we especially give thought and reflect on the importance and meaning to what we call “The Bible”   If we were to ask ourselves “what is the Bible” we

Sermon 10th September

At first sight today’s collects and readings feel pretty good.   Positive things about Christ reconciling the world and proclaiming the good news of love, about living in a Christian community where Jesus is present amongst them.   This is

Sermon for Sunday 3rd September by Joy Whitelaw (Lay Reader)

Although the readings today follow on, from last Sunday, both in Romans and the Matthew’s Gospel, today I am going to mostly concentrate on Romans. I found the reading as we have just heard it, is difficult to follow, as

Sermon at St Magnus 27th August

Last week we noticed the important differences between the Pharisees, Scribe and Sadducees, and how it is quite misleading to lump them all together.   We noted that the Pharisees loved discussion and questions as a way of understanding  things

Sermon for Trinity 10 August 20th 2017

Sermon for Trinity 10 20th August    When I was reading the gospel for today one sentence in particular jumped out at me.   “Do you know that the Pharisees took offence when they heard what you said?”   Why

13th August Sermon On the mountain again!

Sermon for 9th After Trinity yrA Lerwick Proper 14   We find ourselves back on the mountain today. Jesus climbs the mountain to pray again (suggesting that Alma’s question last week may be well worth considering) And Elijah finds himself

Alma Lewis: Sermon for Transfiguration Sunday

Sermon Luke 9:28-36 The Transfiguration   Todays Gospel is 8 verses long but what a lot is packed in it! We begin with Jesus going up a mountain to pray. Nothing unusual about that! We frequently hear that he goes

Sermon for Easter 6 21st May 2017

Sermon Easter 6 2017 St Magnus and St Colman   At Synod recently we reflected on the content of the Diocesan Profile. As well as making important changes to it in that it now reflects the life of the Northern