Shetland lies over 200 miles north of Aberdeen and a similar distance from Norway. This isolation has created a self-reliant spirit and a strong sense of identity and community among those who live here. The main forms of travel from the mainland to the islands are by boat from Aberdeen and aeroplane from Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

The Shetland Isles consists of over 100 islands, although only 10 are inhabited. One of these islands is Yell, where St. Colman’s is situated in the village of Burravoe. They are beautiful islands, where three miles is the furthest distance you will ever be from a sea view! The majority of Shetlanders live on the main island where Lerwick is the main town with a population of around 7,000 people – and this is where you will find St. Magnus’ Church on Greenfield Place.

Shetland is a vibrant, active community with lots of cultural and social activities. It boasts excellent sports and community facilities in addition to the diverse wildlife and scenic walks. The life of the church is closely connected with the life of the community.

St. Magnus’ and St. Colman’s are congregations of the Scottish Episcopal Church, in the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney, and are in full communion with all the other churches of the Anglican Communion throughout the world.