Children and Youth

Gathering to hear the story

Gathering to hear the story


Cooperation and competition – we all enjoy the play

The Sunday School meets every Sunday at 10.45am at St Magnus’, and all children are welcome. We usually follow a pattern of learning called “Godly Play” and the children find this a very stimulating way of engaging with the stories from the bible. St Magnus is currently exploring the idea of preparing and admitting our children to communion to help them all feel much more a part of our Church family.

From time to time the children make presentations based on their story learning in Godly Play and these times are enjoyed by us all.

We recently held an “Amazing Technicolour Day” on Yell and learned a lot more about Joseph. This day was for both adults and children. A picture from the day is enclosed!

There is a corner in church with soft toys and books. Parents are welcome to use this at any time, and are welcome to sit with their children during worship at any time.

Some parents and grandparents bring their children into church during the week to make use of this corner and so familiarize their children with the church. You are welcome!