Author: Neil Brice

Sunday 26th August

Sermon For Trinity 13 Yr B Lerwick 2018 One particularly interesting thing today is that the gospel today repeated some of last weeks gospel. This is unusual. it may therefore help us focus on the topic of importance. We heard

Sermon for Sunday 12th August

Sermon For Trinity 11 Yr B Lerwick 2018 From our epistle today,…. 25Putting away falsehood, let all of us speak the truth to our neighbours, for we are members of one another. 26Be angry but do not sin; do not

Sermon for Tranfiguration

Sermon;  Transfiguration 2018 (Alma Lewis)   Today we have a prophesy, an eyewitness account of the prophesy fulfilled and a description of the actual event, the Transfiguration! Now that’s good organization. However I have to admit that I have had

Birth of John the Baptist 24th June

Pew sheet for Trinity 3 the 17th June

Pew Sheet for Trinity 2 10th June

Pew Sheet for Pentecost

Pewsheet for Easter 6

Pewsheet for Easter 6

Easter 5 Pewsheet

Pewsheet for Easter 5

Easter 2

Sermon for Easter 2 Yr B 2018   There has been a tension within the Christian Faith between what we might describe as heaven and earth, body and soul, flesh and spirit.   It is possible that the tension has