Author: Neil Brice

Pew Sheet for Pentecost

Pewsheet for Easter 6

Pewsheet for Easter 6

Easter 5 Pewsheet

Pewsheet for Easter 5

Easter 2

Sermon for Easter 2 Yr B 2018   There has been a tension within the Christian Faith between what we might describe as heaven and earth, body and soul, flesh and spirit.   It is possible that the tension has

Pew Sheet for Easter 3

Easter Sermon 2018

Sermon for Easter 2018   It is to the gospel of John which we turn for the Easter proclamation this year, or should we perhaps say the Easter unveiling.   A few weeks ago, just after Christmas, we had a

Pew sheet for Lent 4

Sermon for Lent 1 by Neil

It was noticed on the on line Bible Study Group the other day that last Sunday’s gospel and today’s gospel both from Mark, contain very similar proclamations reputed to come from heaven or from God.   It is also interesting

Pew Sheet for Lent 1

Second Sunday before Lent by Alma

Sermon For Second Sunday before Lent year B.  Epiphany 8   First I’d like to start by posing a question. How would you explain or describe your concept of God?  The beauty of this question is that there are no